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Career In Security

Securex is an equal opportunity employer with a proven track record and a company doesn’t become a market leader overnight. The Brand has developed over 27 years of hard work from the men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to this organization. As a company, we are extremely proud of our employees or family as we like to call ourselves. A large number of our management staff and guards have actually remained with us since the inception of the company.

The fact that two years ago we made a dramatic move in the industry by increasing our base salary of our guards to the become the highest payer of guard wages in the country, no other security company has been able to top our salary at the entry level proves the company invests in its Human Resources for good returns in the long run.

Securex is currently looking for the posts of :

  • 1. Security Operators – Male & Female for Dhaka & Chittagong. General Tiered guarding duties. For salary and benefits please check with the Head of HR & Administration at
  • 2. Security Field Officers – Male and Female
  • 3. Retired Armed Forces soldiers, JCOs & NCOs with valid firearms license for CIT & Static guard duties in Banks
  • 4. Retired RAB, Provost (Air/Naval/Army/Coast Guard/Police) personnel for Close Proximity Officers and VIP Protocol Officer duties.
  • 5. Training Officers for Dhaka & Chittagong from the Military OR with the civilian background. Trainers must have the skills to teach guards various curriculum in Bengali. Arrange lesson plans, update existing training curriculum with new ideas in training.
  • 6. Electrical/Electronics vocational institute graduates are required for Technical Services. Our focus is on knowledge on IP cameras and NVRs and CCTV in general.
  • 7. Graduate Engineers for Technical support and operations especially in electronics, radiology is preferred for work on CCTV / Access control/ Alarm systems / X-ray scanning machines.


The window of opportunity never closes in Securex , feel free to apply online with your CVs and mail directly to the Head of HR & Administration at .

Come and join a challenging career with a rewarding experience