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Securex is the Authorised Partner of ABLOY in Bangladesh, serving the market with reputation and trust. Securex offers wide range of locking solutions under ABLOY portfolio for application in various Critical Infrastructure verticals. Our valued clientele includes Mobile Network Operators, Tower Infrastructure Companies, Network, and Infrastructure Support Service Providers all around the country.

ABLOY offers security and innovation, dedicated to creating more trust in the world. Combining digital and mechanical expertise, Abloy develops industry leading locking and access management solutions. ABLOY has been securing life, property, and businesses, worldwide, for over 114 years. Part of the ASSA ABLOY group, ABLOY develops advanced, cutting edge and secure solutions to protect people and business assets.

ABLOYs unique cylinder mechanism is based on patented rotating disc technology instead of traditional springs and pins, which provides smooth and reliable functionality also in extreme environments. Features like AWS (Anti Wear System) mechanism in key and cylinder prolongs life cycle even in extensive use applications. DBS (Disc Blocking System) is a patented feature that stops attempts to manipulate the cylinder.

With extensive product range, ABLOY solutions are chosen for sensitive applications in the most exposed locations, continually defying elements, on land or sea in the coldest and hottest of climates. While the core of cylinder mechanism remains the same, the outer housing can be designed to meet the requirements of a multitude of applications, local standards, and specific needs. ABLOY products meet and exceed requirements of several international, national and customer specific standards.

ABLOYs Super Weather-Proof padlocks are highly resistant to physical attack and tampering, providing dependable durability and protects components, ensuring operation even when used in harsh environmental conditions.

ABLOY Electric Locks advanced and sophisticated locks for seamless, aesthetic, and smooth performance under any conditions. Electric locks provide ultimate mechanical strength and seamless access control integration.

ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ is an easy-to-use, double secured access control system for Critical Infrastructure business. ABLOY PROTEC2 takes care of the mechanical security, while electronic CLIQ technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. It combines both technologies into one effective solution. ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ is suitable for medium and large geographically spread premises, for controlled movements, direct monitoring, and highest level of security. Ensures access to only authorized and proficient personnel, thus reducing risk of theft and downtime. CLIQ technology, provides unique identification for every opening through encrypted communication. It provides wireless function of time and calendar with complete audit trail. Calendar and time-based access rights are easy to change remotely. The key can open both ABLOY mechanical and CLIQ electronic locks. Abloys CLIQ solution enables integration with other existing systems.

ABLOY BEAT is a new benchmark in digital locking solution. A Keyless, Super Weatherproof IP68 approved padlock, with a Bluetooth BLE 4.2 connection operated with a digital key and mobile app heralding a new era of effortless mobile connectivity with SEOS credential technology for best-in-class security and privacy protection. BEAT includes a Super Weatherproof Bluetooth padlock that is operated with a digital, mobile key and managed with ABLOY OS can be integrated into existing workflow or 3rd party system, keeping the user in sync with security situation. ABLOY Beat mobile app allows flexible access and activation for user rights from any location. Beat is a useful in remote areas, busy schedules and in case of emergency, online and offline. Travel and key logistics are drastically simplified, saving on emissions, cost, and time.



1.Strong and Robust Locking Mechanism, suited for use in challenging environmental conditions and tested to withstand physical attack.

2. Wireless electronics makes the system easy to use and deploy, irrespective of geographical location or application.

3. Digital and remote management of system helps in centralised access control and enhanced security.

4. Integration with other systems and solutions provide seamless information flow, visibility, and control of asset site.

ABLOY Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection

ABLOY Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection -Your bridge to the future. A future-proof offering of high-level security and remote access management solution with integration capabilities, even for the most demanding requirements, to boost your operational efficiency.

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