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Central Monitoring Station

Alarm Monitoring

Securex is in the trial and testing phase of making this the first commercial service in Bangladesh. The concept of Central Monitoring Station is not new in the world, in fact quite old and successfully made into a commercial venture by private security companies.

The concept came from a dire need of CCTV / alarm / access control systems installed in homes, businesses and factories where it seemed more feasible to outsource this job to professionals for a monthly fee , rather than increase manpower in businesses to monitor the security systems in-house.

Clients may buy or rent security equipment like CCTV systems / Access control systems / alarm systems and fire equipment in their premises and have a professional team monitor these on a 24 hour basis round the clock 365 days of the year. Securex has already installed thousands of CCTV & intruder alarm systems throughout the country and our mission now is to have these systems connected to our CMS centre to scrutinize, monitor & check on these premises, making daily reports for the clients and in most cases archiving the data for future use by law enforcing agencies. A Standard Operating Procedure is being worked on to define the role of the CMS operators in case of normal times or in the face of an emergency. During an alert, phone dialers automatically send out intrusion alerts to specific people / reps of the clients informing them of a threat.

Daily Access and exits of personnel, suspicious behavior within the premises, spotting intrusion or pilferage and keeping documented evidence are the plus points of a CMS.