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Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

Securex Manned Guarding Services is the biggest Division of the company. We focus on how to attract, reward and retain the highest calibre security personnel by offering the highest base salary to our employees ensuring them a comfortable and secure environment to face the challenges of security duty. The 27 day extensive training helps them to be motivated and acclimatized to the scope of work that is expected of them.

Over 30 % of Securex ‘ Guard Force are engaged in “Special Projects” contracts, where highly skilled work with stringent safety and security standards are maintained. This has led to years of experience in Health Environment Safety (HES) training, for which the guard force have achieved near 100 % compliance. Securex has now categorized the guard force into three streams and they are as follows :-

Stream A :
Premium Security Operators (PSO)

These are the guards that we have identified as the premium in that particular batch. Their level of competence & comprehension of both English & Bangla are better than those of the others while their physical attributes and education are higher.


  • Qualification: Minimum HSC
  • Height: Minimum 5’7″
  • Age Limit: Maximum 35 years
  • Training: Well Trained
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years

Stream B :
Lead Security Operators (LSO)

This particular category of guards has been recognized as the median of that particular batch. Stream B Lead Security Operators, LSOs are given the same training induction and fare just below the Lead Security Operators (PSO).


  • Qualification: Minimum SSC
  • Height: Minimum 5’5″
  • Age Limit: Maximum 40 years
  • Training: Well Trained
  • Experience: Minimum 2 years

Stream C :
Standard Security Operators (SSO)

The remaining guards are grouped into this category and are provided with special training and incentives to enable them to advance to higher streams. All guards are assessed annually giving scope for promotion and enhancement based on performance.


  • Qualification: Minimum class VIII
  • Height: Minimum 5’5″
  • Age Limit: Maximum 20 years
  • Training: Trained