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Recruitment is the lifeline of the company and Securex being the industry leader ensures that the inductees are made to feel a sense of belonging, that Security too can be a rewarding career. It is this reason that we have a such a high level of retention, with a certain percentage of guards and officers staying with the company since its inception 27 years ago. The leading guards are a unit that have clocked 20-27 years with us making them invaluable and loyal to the company.

Our monthly induction can be around 100-125 candidates that we gather from Dhaka and our zonal offices. Currently two barracks are provided in Dhaka and plans are on the way to start operations of a training academy in Tongi. The incumbents have to undergo a pre medical inspection done by our retainer Doctors at our operations site prior to signing up for training. The barracks provide free housing and meals for incumbent trainees and at the end of the 27 day training, they are attached as “rookies” for on the field training. The senior guards and officers are entrusted with bringing in candidates with reference for the job. All Zonal offices also act as recruiting centres.