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The company emphasizes on training and motivation as these are the key tools to build a reliable and competent work force. Under the Chief Training Officer’s guidelines and training modules we evaluate the fresh recruits on their comprehension, aptitude and character and after the training period and on the job field placement place them on the three streams of the guard service.

Securex Guards go through a comprehensive training course of 27 days. Two guard barracks is maintained in Dhaka to house the candidates while they undergo training on etiquette, comprehension of SOPs, perimeter protection, guard duties in corporate environment, safety and security processes in factories and industries , firefighting training & communication skills. On completion of the course they are given on the field training as rookies with experienced guards.

Recently Securex has been selected to undergo Training of trainers training and specialized focus on security and safety operators detailed in garment companies by industry standard group- Alliance . Under Alliance specialized training will be imparted to trainers and guards on pragmatic security & safety issues which will help in the long run in the development of our Human resources.